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Spotlight! The Senses

Sep 9, 2013 • With The Senses, composer Daniel Elder embraced the challenge of conveying the experience of all five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound—using the music of a full orchestral ensemble..

Sending Finale Music Files to Ravel Virtual Studios

Finale is a common program for notating musical ideas and creating professional-quality scores. Finale is well established and many composers are familiar with it. When it comes time to hear the score, many composers wonder what options they have to make their music sound as lifelike as possible.

Get a Great Performance of Your Finale Music Score

If you want an easy and affordable way to get an amazing performance of your Finale music score, Ravel Virtual Studios is the solution.

Think of us as an affordable performance ensemble. We use the finest samples and virtual instruments, along with an extensive collection of professional audio equipment, to make stunningly realistic playbacks of your compositions. We handle all the technical details, so you can focus on composing.

With Ravel Virtual Studios, your project is managed by an experienced musician and composer. Every line of your piece will be scrutinized with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that everything sounds natural, organic, and real.

Our unique process enables us to craft these exceptional performances quickly and affordably. When you’re finished composing and need a performance, simply send us your Finale score, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive a high-quality recording of your piece that sounds as if a professional ensemble had performed it.

All Versions of Finale Music Files Accepted

Getting started is simple: Just set up a account on our client website and upload your score file to us, all for free.

We accept scores in all versions of Finale, as well as other notation programs. Handwritten scores are also welcome, as we provide a music copyist service and will gladly copy your handwritten score to the format of your choice (including Finale music scores, of course).