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Spotlight! The Senses

Sep 9, 2013 • With The Senses, composer Daniel Elder embraced the challenge of conveying the experience of all five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound—using the music of a full orchestral ensemble..

Don’t Struggle with MIDI Software - Use Ravel Virtual Studios

Do you ever wish you could just compose music and get a great performance of your work, without dealing with unrealistic MIDI and sample library playbacks or unsatisfying virtual orchestra realizations?

Ravel Virtual Studios has the answer if you are: looking for a way to enhance your MIDI mockups; or are seeking an alternative to standard Finale or Sibelius playback; or are trying avoid the struggle of creating sample library playbacks.

Get a Performance Far Better Than Most MIDI Software Playback

Our revolutionary new service is easy to use: send us your score (as Finale or Sibelius files, as a handwritten score, or even from other MIDI software such as Cubase or Logic), and we’ll send you exceptional performances of your work. That’s it!

In our unique, proprietary process, we use the finest sample libraries and virtual instruments available to rapidly craft world-class performances. A composer and musician who is an expert in instrumental and performance nuances will always be assigned to oversee the performance of your music. We handle all the technical details, so you can focus on composing.

Your piece will be scrutinized line by line to ensure that everything sounds natural, organic and real. Your virtual orchestra realization is then professionally mixed and mastered and you receive your recording in an audio file of your choice, or on a CD.

Our high quality performances are suitable for: professional work, like television and film soundtracks, as a mockup or the final product; submission to composition competitions or for school applications; or simply for enjoyable listening.

Compatible With Most MIDI Software

Getting started is simple: Just set up a account on our client website and upload your score file to us, all for free.

We accept scores in either Sibelius or Finale formats, or files from other MIDI software, like Cubase or Logic. Handwritten scores are also welcome, as we provide a music copyist service and will gladly copy your handwritten score to the notation software format of your choice, or even MIDI files for use by MIDI software.