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Spotlight! The Senses

Sep 9, 2013 • With The Senses, composer Daniel Elder embraced the challenge of conveying the experience of all five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound—using the music of a full orchestral ensemble..

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Get The Edge For Your Music Production with Ravel Virtual Studios

When you’re composing for a major motion picture, television show, or video game, Ravel Virtual Studios’ score performance service can greatly benefit your music production.

Sending Sibelius 6 Files to Ravel Virtual Studios

Sibelius 6 is a fantastic program for notating musical ideas, but its playback is mechanical and unpleasant. If you want a way to get an amazing performance of your Sibelius 6 score, Ravel Virtual Studios is the solution.

Sending Finale Music Files to Ravel Virtual Studios

Finale users also can take advantage of Ravel Virtual Studios’ high quality performances.

Turn Your Notation Software Files Into Performances with Ravel Virtual Studios

Ravel Virtual Studios can create realistic performances from scores created by most popular notation software packages.

Don’t Struggle with MIDI Software - Use Ravel Virtual Studios

Do you ever wish you could just compose music and get a great performance of your work, without dealing with unrealistic MIDI realizations? Ravel Virtual Studios has the answer.

Hear My Composition Performed

For composers, students and educators, there is a high quality and affordable composition recording service that is a great alternative to music composition performers.

Orchestra Reading

When hiring a live ensemble and renting orchestral recording studio space is not within your budget, but achieving high quality sound is a requirement, there is a recording service that can suit your specifications.

Music Copyist Service

Professional level music notation copyist and score parts copying services will transform your handwritten score into a beautiful engraving suitable for academic and industry submission.

Enhanced MIDI Mockups

Virtual orchestra realizations of high quality cannot be achieved through standard sample library playbacks. As an alternative to standard MIDI playbacks, there is a new service that delivers performances of exceptional quality.

Music Education Resources

Standard teaching composition software and teaching orchestration tools cannot compare to the educational impact of a service that allows students to hear their compositions brought to life, and enable educators to teach and inspire like never before.

Music Notation Program Playback

We can offer you more than just enhanced Sibelius playback or enhanced Finale playback. The orchestra realization you will receive is a stunning, organic and real performance of your piece.

Independent Composer Resources

An affordable performance ensemble is right at your fingertips. Professional recordings of your music are great composition promotion resources.

Film Score Performance Service

For film and television scoring, and video game music composition, time is a critical part of the process. Having the proper resources can make all the difference when facing tight deadlines.

Composition Student Resources

Student music orchestration services help students take their understanding of orchestration to the next level. Composition thesis recording services offer exceptional performances of their theses, quickly and affordably.

Music Composition Competition Tool

Enhance your competition score submissions with a high quality recording of your piece. With a composer competition recording service you can easily rise above your competitors.

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